About Melane

Melane is a dynamic counselor, a powerful healer, a playful teacher, and a master facilitator with a national practice.  Her passion is in advanced energetic healing work that creates deep, complete, and joyful change through an intentional blend of multi-dimensional ancient and cutting edge techniques. Her delight and specialty is in bringing light and relief to complex cases of trauma and previously incurable disease and illness. Miracles happen here.

Melane’s training and background pulls from the most powerful healing approaches the planet has to offer. She has worked and studied with Master Healers from three continents. With an initial Masters degree as a clinical counselor, Melane focused on advanced psychological work, as a certified hypnotherapist, and a neuro-lingustic programming and thought field therapy practitioner. Her energetic healing work draws from five traditions, including Reconnective healing, powerful indigenous transmutation techniques of the Mayan healers, and cutting edge diagnostic and advanced dimensional healing work. She is a certified holistic health coach and bases her energetic insights about nutrition and lifestyle on the frameworks of five element traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

For the people she works with, Melane is the joyful gamechanger they’ve been looking for.

Connect with Melane through Personal Sessions, Classes, and Consulting; or just drop her a line.